October 28, 2021


SQuire Rushnell

The idea of taking in a LARGE HUSKY was out of the question for Stephanie. Her house was tiny. But her military son, about to be deployed, pleaded with her.
“Mom, I have no one else I can turn to. And honest, Sierra is such a sweet dog.”
Today, Stephanie will tell you that decision was a LIFE-SAVING Godwink/dogwink. Here’s why.


Stephanie was diagnosed with an abdominal cyst. Doctors advised her to keep an eye on it.
A short while later her big husky uncharacteristically pressed its nose into Stephanie’s stomach causing discomfort. Surprised, she quickly said, “stop!”… pushing Sierra away.
A half-hour later she noticed her pup was nowhere to be found. She looked everywhere, finally noticing a white furry tip of a tail poking from beneath low-hanging clothes in a closet. Stephanie realized she had hurt Sierra’s feelings when the fur around her dog’s eyes was actually wet!
“I’d never seen a dog cry,” said Stephanie.
These actions prompted her to call the doctor, telling him that she sensed Sierra was trying to TELL HER SOMETHING. The doctor ran new tests … then, as gently as possible, gave Stephanie grim news. She had stage three ovarian cancer!
“But,” added the doctor with a look of hope, “thanks to Sierra, we’ve caught it early!” And that resulted in Stephanie having SUCCESSFUL SURGERY.
Since then, Sierra has alerted Stephanie three additional times … always sniffing out cancer long before the most advanced medical technology could detect it. 

In her heart she knows that the decision to help her son when he begged her to take Sierra, was the biggest Godwink of her life!
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